Klhip Nail File

Our Nail File is the ultimate tool for tidying your nails on the move. This rugged nail file is made from beautiful natural stone, carved from the Pyrenees Mountains in France. So each one has its own unique variations in pattern and tones. With two levels of coarseness and a natural tan leather case for easy transport, the Klhip Nail File is the best nail file around – and the last you'll ever need.

Klhip Nail File Features

  • Natural performance: Pyrenees Mountain stone offers a superior feel and unparalleled performance.
  • Two textures: Smooth on one side, coarse on the other, the textured surfaces won't wear out. We've even used them to sharpen a pocket knife.
  • Easy care: Wash with soap and warm water from time to time to keep your Klhip Nail File in peak condition.
  • Built to last: Natural stone ensures a nail file that will last. Take care not to drop it on hard surfaces though – it is stone after all.

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