How to Shave with a Shaving Brush

How to Shave with a Shaving Brush and Knightsbridge Shaving Cream

Many people see shaving as a chore that needs to be done to keep a clean, sophisticated appearance.  At Knightsbridge Shaving, we believe that everyone should experience true luxury with every shave – which means that shaving is no longer a chore, but a part of your routine that you look forward to.

One key element to a luxurious shave is knowing how to shave with a shaving brush. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you ever shaved without a brush. Today, we’re going over how to shave with a shaving brush so you can take your shaving routine to the next level.


How to Shave with a Shaving Brush: Supplies Needed



If you’re new to using a shaving brush and don’t know where to start, grab one of our Shaving Cream & Brush sets which includes a quality Simpsons Special Shaving brush (made with pure badger hair) with your choice of Knightsbridge Shaving Cream. Don't forget that you can save 25% off your first Knightsbridge order by signing up for our mailing list below!




How to Shave with a Shaving Brush


1. Wet your face with warm water.

This step is pretty simple – using your hands or a face cloth, wet your face with warm water to open up your pores and allow for a closer shave.

For additional lubrication and to help prevent razor burn, add Knightsbridge Pre-Shave oil to your routine and apply now. 


2.Dip your brush in warm water.

Once wet, shake excess moisture from your brush.

You don’t need a lot of water for this step, just enough to act as a primer for your shaving brush to better accept shaving cream and provide moisture to lather the shaving cream.


 3. Apply a dollop of shaving cream to your brush.

With Knightsbridge Shaving cream, a little goes a long way when it comes to shaving. Apply a small dollop (we recommend approximately the size of an almond) of shaving cream to your brush.

If you aren’t getting a lather amount that you love, add a small amount of water to your shaving brush to increase lather. Always remember that a little goes a long way – add small amounts of water at a time until you reach your desired lather.


4. Apply the shaving cream to your face in a circular motion.

Brush the cream lightly onto your skin in any areas you want to shave. Using a circular motion helps to evenly distribute the cream while getting it to the bottom of any hairs already growing in. 

When applying the cream, always take a moment to enjoy the scent you’re using and the gentle massage of the brush.  Knightsbridge scents are designed to be a subtle yet luxurious addition to your shaving routine to make it less of a chore and more of a luxury. 



5. Shave your face with the grain.

Using a razor of your choice, shave your face with the grain. Make sure you are always using a blade that is sharp for best results. 


6. Re-apply as needed.

Depending on how long your beard hairs have gotten or how long it has been since your last shave, you may need to re-apply your shaving cream and take another pass at your beard hair.

Follow steps 2-5 as needed until your face has been shaved clean.


7. Rinse your shaving brush.

After each shave, rinse your shaving brush with water to ensure no shaving cream is left to dry.  

Some say that storing your shaving brush upright allows it to dry quicker, but we highly recommend always storing brushes downwards to allow all water to fall off as it dries.  This prevents the brush from holding in any water, while helping to keep your brush clean and prevent any bacteria growing. It also helps to protect your brush bristles, extending the life of your brush. 


8. Experience true luxury and enjoy your shave!

In each step, take a moment to relax and enjoy your shaving experience.  Men spend an average of 45 days of their lives shaving, so make it a luxurious experience instead of a chore. 

Now you know how to shave with a shaving brush! We want to know – how often do you shave your face?  Do you let your beard grow out a bit between each shave, or do you keep it shaved clean every day? Let us know in the comments below!



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